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So it's been awhile since I last updated this (HA) but I've finally realized what i'm going to use this journal for.

LJ will still be my main posting journal, while this one will be used for school related stuff, mainly general things I'm doing now and after college.  I was going to make a whole new journal, but I remembered this one. XD

So I won't be posting here for awhile, or until when school starts up again. : )
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So for some odd reason I'm updating this, instead of LJ. Probably because I know if I update the LJ I'll start checking the f-list, which I haven't done since the day I left...So about 10+ days worth of entries unchecked. And I'm not going to check them. 

Here's what's been going on since I left school. Woot.

- Taking summer classes, only for getting requirements out of the way, since I'm a double major (why me?)  The basic 2 math, 2 science, since it's for the Liberal Studies major. I'm taking Pre-Calc and Bio, meaning i'm in class from 8-2, with only 10 mins to get from Calc--> Lab-->Bio Lecture. So is my life 3 out of 7 days in the week. Thursdays and Fridays are the good days- no Lab Thurs. and Fri., and no Bio at all on Friday. Speaking about Bio I did say how one of my classmates is flirting with me. *rolls eyes* Not interested, okay? Thanks.

- Seems like I'm able to go to plurk after all. Only b/c I sneak my mom's phone away from her when she's at the gym and working in the afternoon. Plus the Thursday 2 hr. break between Calc and Bio.

- All those people who I said I was going to write to over the summer, well here's the deal. I have your cards ready...except for stamps. They raised the price of international stamps last Monday so idk how much they cost now. *kicks US Postal Service*

Nothing else to say here..I'm a bit far behind on fandoms, and only will be more so until September. So is my life. Hope everyone's okay! : D
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I caved. Obviously. Anyways, this is Daisuke4288@ LJ for those of you unsure.

Why did I give in to the dreamwidth craze?  Well, I'd always wanted to have a rename over at know..start fresh? Post happier entries?  LJ will still be my main journal, while this one will be for happier thoughts.  :D

I think that's all!


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