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So for some odd reason I'm updating this, instead of LJ. Probably because I know if I update the LJ I'll start checking the f-list, which I haven't done since the day I left...So about 10+ days worth of entries unchecked. And I'm not going to check them. 

Here's what's been going on since I left school. Woot.

- Taking summer classes, only for getting requirements out of the way, since I'm a double major (why me?)  The basic 2 math, 2 science, since it's for the Liberal Studies major. I'm taking Pre-Calc and Bio, meaning i'm in class from 8-2, with only 10 mins to get from Calc--> Lab-->Bio Lecture. So is my life 3 out of 7 days in the week. Thursdays and Fridays are the good days- no Lab Thurs. and Fri., and no Bio at all on Friday. Speaking about Bio I did say how one of my classmates is flirting with me. *rolls eyes* Not interested, okay? Thanks.

- Seems like I'm able to go to plurk after all. Only b/c I sneak my mom's phone away from her when she's at the gym and working in the afternoon. Plus the Thursday 2 hr. break between Calc and Bio.

- All those people who I said I was going to write to over the summer, well here's the deal. I have your cards ready...except for stamps. They raised the price of international stamps last Monday so idk how much they cost now. *kicks US Postal Service*

Nothing else to say here..I'm a bit far behind on fandoms, and only will be more so until September. So is my life. Hope everyone's okay! : D
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oh wow, sounds really busy! *huggles* but yay for getting on plurk!! *does happy dance*

oh and i sent out your letter yesterday! ^^
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ehehe i hope you do, it's rather silly really ^^;;;
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it's actually just lots of ranting about my uni lol sorry already for that xDDD
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i don't believe that! ^^
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I miss you bb~ *clings forever*
I'm thinking of sending mail randomly too but idk when. You'll just have to be surprised 8D
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*huggles* misss youuuuuu